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4CYTE Horse Epiitalis Forte Gel

4CYTE Horse Epiitalis Forte Gel
Brand: 4CYTE

4CYTE™ Equine Epiitalis® Forte Gel is a feed additive that supports joint health in horses. A single non-invasive dose per day can produce clinical improvements in 7-14 days.

Epiitalis Forte can be used to:

  • Address symptoms such as stiffness or a lack of willingness to perform (jump, gallop or canter)
  • Support decreased joint function and joint health
  • Support healing after a joint injury or surgery
  • Promote healthy joints in high-performance animals

Depending on which of our supplier's warehouses your product ships from, you may receive the 236g tube or the 250ml pouch. The product is the same regardless of the packaging. For any questions please contact Interpath.

Please note that we are not selling Epiitalis Gel 1L online. If you are local to us, please call us and we can order it in for you to pick up at our practice. Otherwise please contact your nearest vet for pricing and to ask them to order the product in for you, alternatively you can continue to order the 250mL pouches from us online.

4CYTE Horse Epiitalis Forte Gel Pouch

4CYTE Horse Epiitalis Forte Gel Pouch
4CYTE Horse Epiitalis Forte Gel 250ml (236g) - $134.87 Quantity:


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