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Pet-Mat Heat Pad

Pet-Mat Heat Pad
Brand: Pet-Mat

Pet-Mat™ is the latest in heating pads for pets. It utilises carbon fibre technology, resulting in a most economical heating device for keeping pets or sick/arthritic animals warm in winter.

The Pet-Mat is compact (about 1.0 mm thick), fully flexible, durable, waterproof and most importantly operates on a Low Voltage 12-volt-system which is entirely safe and economical. No thermostat control is necessary as the design of the Pet-Mat is made to attain a maximum of 40°C whether it is covered or not.

3 sizes available:

  • Small – 270mm x 190mm
  • Medium – 380mm x 270mm
  • Large – 540mm x 380mm

Pet-Mat Heat Pad

Pet-Mat Heat Pad

Some sizes or styles are temporarily out of stock:

  • Small


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